Meridian Gradient Set Seaweed

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The Seaweed color series shifts from a warm brassy brown to a deep murky teal. Colors were inspired and named after common names of seaweed. If you come to Blue Hill you can even get an ale, brewed by our friends at the local Deep Water Brew Pub, that shares the same name of the color Oyster Thief.
Meridian Gradient Set Project Gallery on Ravelry.
Color A - Sea Oak
Color B - Brown Forking Weed
Color C - Dabberlocks
Color D - Furbelows
Color E - Oyster Thief
Color F - Bushy Berry Wrack

75% superwash merino :: 25% nylon
gauge 24 - 30 sts/4" :: needles us 1 - 5
approx per skein 154 yds :: 30g
approx 6 skein set 900 yds :: 200g