The Meridian is absolutely jaw-dropping, and you did a beautiful job choosing color for us. It's a fine yarn, and it makes a stunning, harmonious display. What more could a yarn shop want?


I just wanted to say that I just walked into the shop and I was greeted by a box of heaven. I am still staring, scanning different color zones in the box, and taking skeins out to marvel how much each one carries in it. You're amazing. We are so lucky.


Yarn just came. &*^ was here when I opened the package and we both did a gasp at the same time! The yarn is GORGEOUS; I can't wait to get started. Thanks for sending. I should be done with the sweater in no time, as all I will want to do is knit with that yarn. Well, I don't know what you are doing with that yarn up there in Maine, but whatever it is, DON"T STOP!!!! Thanks again; you are a true artist.  


The Matrika Water Garden yarns arrived this afternoon, and they are gorgeous. Thank you for creating such squishy lovely yarn! I am thrilled with my purchase.


I got my lovely skein of Meridian yarn in Damselfly today. It was beautifully packed and I really appreciated the personal note from you on the packing slip. The yarn is beautifully dyed, and I can’t wait to knit with it.


Thanks again for the generous prize for the Sock Knitters Anonymous KAL, and I hope to place an order with you again soon!


The yarn is fabulous and the colours are wonderful - so beautiful:). Happiness is receiving an envelope containing lovely textiles, especially on a cold and gloomy day:). You do stunning work!


I enjoyed your trunk show at In The Loop, your yarns and shawls were absolutely stunning. The mini skeins, the colors were absolutely beautiful, I like the way the colors flow. Again thank you very much for the trunk show and I hope you come again soon. Keep on knitting!


I received my She Sells Seashells today. It’s the most exquisite gradient fade I’ve yet seen. Thank you!


I love this yarn... you make magic!


Love the look of your yarn. The colors are beautiful. Keep up the great work, truly beautiful.


Got my yarn today and it's even more beautiful in person.


And from me: Wow, you guys thank you for making what I do such a pleasure! It's an honor.