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About the colors. 

Many of Seven Sisters' colors are dyed at the same intensity or saturation resulitng in a palette of colors that coordinate and work well together for colorwork or gradient knitting. Color shift series are sets of colors that shift or move from one color to another with intermediate gradations so that they are all related and harmonize, i.e. the Raven's Wing series colors shift from a magenta to a teal and the colors in between are a combination of both.Tonal shifts are light to dark shades of one color or hue, an example of this is the Red Shift series which are varying shades red. 

About the dyeing.

Seven Sisters Arts yarns & fibers are hand dyed primaritly using low impact acid dyes that are weighed and mixed precisely with the aim of achieving consistent end results, the dyes are set with heat and citric acid, a non toxic food additive. Natural dyes are being added to my toolbox. Once the yarn is washed and dried each skein is labeled with a dyelot. Attention is paid to each skein throughout the process of dyeing, washing, winding and labeling providing quality yarn for your creative adventures.

About the yarn & fiber.

Fibers and yarns are carefully chosen with the provenance and the end product in mind. I only offer yarn that I believe is of high quality and workmanship.  I have a few wonderful domestic yarns, grown and produced entirely in the US and hope to offer more in the future. On occassion special one time products will be offered that have limited availability. 

About the maker.

For as long as I can remember I have loved making things and have tried my hand at many fiber related crafts. Like many of you, I learned to sew from my Mom and knit from my Grandmother. One of my first jobs out of college was as production weaver, I also worked on a sheep farm one summer dyeing all of their wool with natural dyes. I started dyeing my own raw fiber to spin over 30 years ago and have been dyeing since then, first for my own use and now as a full time job. I have a degree in Plant & Soil science and one in Nursing and I bring much of what I learned about science and methodology to my dye studio. I love people, traveling, word play, gardening and making beautiful color. It gives me great pleasure to share my love of fiber and color with other makers of textile arts, it is an honor to be part of keeping our traditions alive.