Astrid Vireo

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Vireo a soft warm grey, with highlights of gold green feathered in, just like the sweet little bird it's named for. Pair with Fogbound or Quartzite for a monochromatic color scheme, Basalt or Slate for more contrast, Marsh or Mead for a touch more color.

Shimmering single ply silky merino that knits up into a lovely drapey fabric. Astrid is a Scandinavian name meaning divine strength, fair beautiful goddess. 

  • 70% merino :: 30% silk
  • 438 yds :: 100g :: high twist single ply
  • gauge 26-28 st/4” :: needles us 3-5
  • hand wash in cool water :: lay flat to dry for optimal care of hand knits

astro-Origin GREEK from Greek astron ‘star.’

as·ter ˈastər/ noun 1. a plant of the daisy family that has bright rayed flowers, typically of purple or pink. 
2. BIOLOGY a star-shaped structure formed during division of the nucleus of an animal cell.