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Tellus - Dyed with indigo, currently 3 shades available if a gradient effect is desired use light, med, dark. Please be aware that indigo has a potential to "crock" which means to rub off on fingers and wooden needles with friction, the darker the shade of indigo them more likely this will happen. This has been thoroughly washed many times to minimize this unavoidable characteristic of indigo which is a result of the way the dye bonds to fabric, over time this will diminish and you may notice some fading, just like an old pair of favorite jeans, also dyed with indigo. 

A lightweight worsted organic ecowash merino yarn perfect for garments, gentle enough next to the skin and warm enough for outer layers. Produced with sustainable practices without the use of harsh chemicals every step of the way; from the raising of the sheep, to the making and dyeing of the yarn with natural dyes. 10% off with purchase of 4 or more skeins of Tellus, discount applied in shopping cart. Tellus project gallery on RavelryPattern ideas for Tellus.

  • 100% organic ecowash merino
  • 200 yds 4 oz :: 4 ply
  • gauge  19-22 st/4” :: needles us 5-8
  • hand wash in cool water :: lay flat to dry for optimal care of hand knits