Meridian Gradient Set Raven's Wing

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Raven’s Wing ~ This gradient series evokes the iridescent colors on a raven's wing, the colors shift from magenta to purple to blue and teal. Each color is named with a word referring to ravens in different cultures and languages. Available in sets of mini skeins on Meridian a fingering weight yarn, also available on whole skeins in many bases.
Meridian Gradient Set Project Gallery on Ravelry.
Color A - Beltran meaning 'bright raven' is a name used in Spain but it is of Germanic origin.
Color B - Branwen comes from Welsh and means 'beautiful raven'.
Color C - Karasu is a Japanese word for raven.
Color D - Corvus is Latin for raven and crow, the name of a constellation.
Color E - Tulugaak is an Inuit word for raven which figures heavily in many Northwest Indian's creation myths.
Color F - Renshaw an Old English name meaning 'raven from the forest'.

75% superwash merino :: 25% nylon
gauge 24 - 30 sts/4" :: needles us 1 - 5
approx per skein 150 yds :: 30g
approx 6 skein set 900 yds :: 200g