Meridian Gradient Set Chartreuse

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Chartreuse is a tonal series of palest of yellow green to the deep intense Citron acid green. For those that love grellow with grey pair this set with Transition Metals for a knockout combo.Mini skeins are only available on Meridian yarn.
Meridian Gradient Set Ravelry Project Gallery

Color A - Honeydew
Color B - Alchemilla
Color C - Pear
Color D - Pistachio
Color E - Lemongrass
Color F - Citron

75% superwash merino :: 25% nylon
gauge 24 - 30 sts/4" :: needles us 1 - 5
approx per mini skein 150 yds :: 30g
approx total for 6 skein set 900 yds :: 180g