Meridian Gradient Color Me Purple

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Color Me Purple was inspired by Pantone's color of the year for 2018, ultra violet aka purple, a magical blending of the places in between blue and red. They selected ultra violet in part for what the color symbolizes, part of which is creativity and imagination. For me part of that includes hope, my hope for 2018 is that the different voices and people of the world can listen to each other in an effort to gain understanding, for this reason I have named each color with words meaning purple from other languages. Tonal Shifts are a group of yarns that are dyed in light to dark shades of one color, most of the colors are also available in whole skeins. Mini skeins are only available on Meridian yarn. Meridian Gradient Project Gallery on Ravlery.

Color Me Purple

Color A - Zi wei, (Chinese )

Color B - Lila  (Swedish, Hungarian, German)

Color C - Roxa (Portuguese)

Color D - Odo odo (Igbo)

Color E - Purpura (Spanish, Latin)

Color F - Murasaki (Japanese)

75% superwash merino :: 25% nylon
gauge 24 - 30 sts/4" :: needles us 1 - 5
approx per mini skein 150 yds :: 30g
approx total for 6 skein set 900 yds :: 180g