Curls 3

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Curls 3 is Hunter Hammersen's third in a fabulous series of books that feature wraps which are marvelously flexible, that work with any weight of yarn, can be knit at any gauge, and look beautiful at any size. This volume has patterns for 11 designs which can all be seen here. 


Knit them small and wear them as a cowl. Keep going to make a scarf. Do a bit more, and you’ve got a shawl. They form a wonderfully curved shape that drapes beautifully around your neck and shoulders and can be worn in lots of different ways.

Use your favorite yarn, and knit at whatever gauge gives you the fabric you like best. You’re in charge, you can’t mess it up, and you’re going to love the result!

The first 48 hardcopies of this book come with a one time use code to download a digital copy.