Linnet Pomegranate Flax

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Linnet is a silk linen blend yarn, dyed exclusively with natural dyes. Fabric knitted with this fiber is luxurious yet hard wearing knit with unparalleled drape thanks to the silk and linen. Perfect for warm climates and people who are sensitive to animal fibers. Knits up to 22 - 26 sts/4”. A flax color dyed with pomegranate rinds.

  • natural dyes
  • 65% silk :: 35% linen
  • 220 yds :: 50g :: 3 ply
  • gauge 22-26 st/4” :: needles us 4-6
  • hand wash in cool water :: lay flat to dry for optimal care of hand knits

lin·net (n.) - a small finch-like songbird named for its fondness for flax seed. Origin 1500's from Middle French  linette "grain of flax," diminutive of lin"flax," from Latin linum "flax, linen thread"