go live

6th Feb 2015

go live

1. to start, to operate a new system,  especially a computer system

Etymology: based on the literal meaning of live(living, active)

A month ago I awoke from a dream in which I was in labor and emitting a primal sound that conveyed, ok guys this is getting serious, hang on here we go! It intrigued me in the nearly 30 years since I gave birth to my three children, trained as a doula and worked as a labor nurse witnessing over a thousand births and many more labors, that I don't recall ever dreaming of being in labor. 

My tunnel vision for weeks has been focused on editing & re-editing photos, organizing & reorganizing information. There were numerous lists, hours and hours of phone calls to various tech support, skipped meals, erratic sleep, very little housekeeping, tears of frustration and the laughter that comes when nothing else will do. Today the fruits of my labor for the last several weeks were presented to the world, my website went live. Happy Birthday Seven Sisters Arts.

I tried to "share" my website homepage on FB and it kept showing up in a strange manner so I would quickly delete it, I apologize if you might have seen it pop up on your news feed over and over and wondered what was happening. On the advice of one of my brothers, who has three degrees of computer genius after his name, I downloaded a different browser, Google's Chrome browser. I kept seeing a whimsical image with frolicking figures at the top of the browser page and wondered about it because it didn't look at home there, but since I was on a mission I didn't really pay attention to it. 

Because my default browser wasn't Google Chrome before today I had never heard of a "Google doodle." When my Mom excitedly emails me that today's Google doodle is in honor of Laura Ingalls Wilder and made with wool and my ludite husband, who has literally never used a computer knows what one is, I do what any sensible person would do; I Google it. It turned out that the image I had seen earlier under my new browser is the work of Jack and Holman Wang who created a wonderful felt diorama to honor Laura Ingalls Wilder who was born 148 years ago today. Oh my. I am delighted that her work and memory are commemorated with wool and that Google has chosen to highlight her. I am amused at the irony of it all. Happy Birthday Laura Ingalls Wilder, your work continues to be an inspiration and I feel my baby is in very good company.

To see more about the Holman's Google Doodle Laura Ingalls Wilder